Yippe Skippee, The World has Taken the Lead

A snarky little article from the NY DAILY NEWS has a writer trying to explain the the method to the madness of obamas response to LIbya


Were it not for the knowledge of who this man is and how he feels about many things, the rest of the world taking the lead in Libya would be a Godsend; however, When you realize that Obama thinks we are arrogant, overbearing, have purposely done evil in the world like air raid villages, and thinks we need to apologize and pay for our sins, It make sense. in his view of the world, America ought to be just like one of the guys (countries).

To him, we are not exceptional, we are gluttonous pigs slopping at the trough of capitalism. The idea that the dollar is falling and may not continue as the worlds currency is good news to him and his ilk. It will help us to de-develop and take care of the environment as he would have us do.

He desires us to be a second class nation, voting present on issues like he does.

The problem, Barrack Hussein, is that, just like no one else in the world can launch 110 Tomahawk missiles at once, no one else can stand in opposition to the rising power of China, the resurgence of Russia, the onslaught of radical Islam. We cannot vote present from the sidelines and hope to maintain a somewhat stable world where the bullies are held at bay.


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