Did Hillary Really Say that?

In her prepared remarks in Tunis, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she supported more sanctions on the Assad regime but she declined to endorse any direct help to the Syrian opposition without the consent of the Syrian government, saying only, “We all need to look hard at what more we can do.”


I can’t even put my head around this quote. Is she actually saying that she needs permission from Assad to arm the resistance. Uh… King George is it ok if we get together and train our farmers and stuff so we can overthrow you? No? Ok, well just thought I’d ask.

Don’t tell me that she’s asking about humanitarian aid; that’s bogus. This is PC in the extreme. My concern in this nation is the same as it has been throughout the Arab Spring/Arab Winter. Who is filling the void once these, under-our-thumb petty dictators are forced from power, Muslim brotherhood?

Great! Throw out the chihuahua and install the pit bull. If I were a drinking man, I’d be heading for the liquor cabinet and it’s 7:00 AM. And this is who the press and talking heads are thinking are going to ride in on the white horse and save the nation? OMG!!!

I think I’m going to go back and sleep in.


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