The Unintended Consequences of Entitlements

“Who do we want to be?,’’ Mrs. Obama asked. “Will we be a country where success is limited to a few at the top? This country is strongest when we are all better off.”
Let’s talk about this idea. Who is going to answer in the negative about this statement right? I mean, really, Only a person that hates his fellow man would say that they didn’t want all the people to benefit from society. right? Let’s go past where the progressives can focus. And see if they really have the best interest of the masses in mind as they claim. Now I’m not saying that they don’t deeply care about their fellow man. I just wanna see whether or not  their concern is amiss in its focus.

They will say that those who are downtrodden can’t pick themselves up on their own, that we must reach down and lift them from their suffering to our level by our concern, our compassion, yea verily, our charity. Can I get an amen up in heuh?
Now where was I? Oh yea, My contention is that it is not the hand up that they need. What they need is a system that allows them to , by their own effort, trials, failures, and successes rise from the proverbial mire to stand on the road to success, and , by virtue of their new found self image, do whatever is necessary to go forward and be all they can be.

It is not that I don’t want to help everybody in the world; it is that I recognize  an eternal truth. Man’s/woman’s character will grow as is necessary to achieve success in life as they make the personal effort to fight through the vicissitudes of life. It cannot spontaneously appear by receiving doles from the whole. Life is more than the car in the drive the shoes on your feet. It is the strength of the character developed in the recesses of the soul.

Therein lies the weakness of the progressive ideology. To receive without having done anything to warrant the reception of goods and services destroys self image, destroys motivation, and destroys character.  Individuals without the characteristics necessary for success are the result of the social safety net progressives have given as their legacy to the United States of America.

I fear lest this ideology becomes the majority. If it continues U.S. citizens will not have what it takes anymore. Neither will we able to lead the world nor take care of itself. You and I must stand for this truth and fight on every hand the progression of the ideology of slavery. Yes, I said slavery. For slavery to the government is the result of the handouts given without any effort to be worthy of it by one’s work.

You know the story of wild animals after having become accustomed to the free food given them , were not able to fend for themselves when the human masters disappeared. Such is the fate when the money of the rich runs out.

It, therefore, is good to struggle, to suffer, to fail, to not win a prize. If we do not we become helpless and hapless. We as a nation should be standing by encouraging with our voices, our compassion, our pats on the back to those who are struggling to achieve the dreams they have conjured in their minds. Only then will we stand arm in arm and declare, “Free at last; Free at last.”  Great God in Heaven we are free at last.


”love thy neighbor as thyself.”



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8 responses to “The Unintended Consequences of Entitlements

  1. Browns

    perfectly said, I wrote something similar but not near as good.

  2. Browns

    Some recent personal experiences I have had coupled with all the news reports and economic distress caused by this particular mentality has cause me to have several thoughts on the subject. First, what is an ‘Entitlement Mentality’?. I would say it is a mentality that suggests “You owe me a living even though I have done nothing to earn or deserve it” It is a mentality that DEMANDS that someone who can work and has worked hard, be FORCED to give up their means to someone who refuses to work for their own up keep. So, why do I think this is NOT a good attitude or mentality. The most obvious one is that taking from one to give to another is called SLAVERY!
    During the early history of America, slaves were imported to do the work the plantation owners didn;t want to do themselves Someone worked HARD so someone else could sit on their lazy butt.

  3. Browns

    However, even that is not the biggest reason why this mentality is detrimental. If you look at it from the standpoint of what kind of citizens do you want living in your country then you are beginning to get the bigger picture. In a society of free men you want people who have ‘character’ people who make not just good citizens but great citizens. People who know how to serve and be of service, selfless people who are not always thinking of themselves. I have a friend who calls selfish people the “me, me” thinkers. If all our society were built on “me, me” thinkers, selfish people, with the ‘entitlement mentality’ can you even imagine what kind of society we would have? Gangs, war, crime, abortion, harlots, pornography, school killings, robbery, etc. Geee, sounds kinda like what we are dealing with today.

  4. Browns

    one last final thought: The thing people don’t see is that – – if that guy can work and earn tons of money, then I can do the same thing. It is the OPPORTUNITY!!! It is there for everyone but if you take it away from him then you leave yourself open to have it taken away from you.
    I think the entire point though is………who are we trying to be like? What are we trying to become? If you are trying to be self-reliant and selfless then you must give up the ‘entitlement mentality’.

  5. Monica Jennen

    I have never been a good speaker, but have strived on being a good person, have tried my best to help people in need become people that can help the needy, but in many times have found to many people prefer to stay on the needy side vs taking the steps to become a stronge force in the need of our nation, then call me selfish for not continuing to roll the ball for them cause they reduce to take it, so of corse I don’t quit cause I’m not a quiter, I just move to the next, not wanting to divide us but make us stronger, so how do you not leave anyone behind when they refuse to come, then blame you for their failures???

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