Something Fishy Goin on?

Scarborough’s article above explains why that the numbers are so sparkling. It’s just more manipulation of data to make it look as if we are growing out of the recession. The other article below is a Fox article with more explanation of the discrepancies with other data and even some surprise by liberal leaning folks.

Rush talked about this a while back I bet he’s ranting again today.


The deal is that the numbers are against us. There are millions more watching the mainstream media and not watching the news at all than there are people on the right paying attention enough to inform their neighbors. So every one of you is important to what is happening in this election. For every person you bring, you tell the mainstream media that they aren’t in control of our future-WE ARE. And we are going to do our part to make sure that this threat to the sovereignty of the people, of the nation is halted in its tracks by his defeat.

In every corner of this land especially in the places that Obama and his ilk feel is in the bag. You are alone. There isn’t the millions of dollars being spent on ads. Romney has conceded those states but we must not concede one single vote to him. Talk to every neighbor and  every cashier you come in front of. Every chance you get, help them understand what this man is. and what his plan is. And if you don’t know his plan, you better get involved and find out. It will not be pretty if this de-evolution of America continues.

Don’t be one of those who realizes after the fact that they should have done more to stop this coup of the constitution and our freedoms. Sure we need to pray about it and pray for help, but we must get up and work with all our energy in order to have the grace of God on our efforts.


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