Courage Take for Goodness Sake…

The title is from a musical called Saturdays Warrior and it always comes to mind when something hard comes along. I read an (article) about a rant by a college professor, and I couldn’t help, but give you my thoughts.

Here is what your children are facing at the university level. You can say, well it’s just one professor. NO IT”S NOT. You better be teaching your children to stand up for what is right and true or you will have more converted minions to the progressive religion, your children.

My dear daughter Lindsey in her class last week was in an exercise. The teacher had the class split up into two groups People for gay marriage on the left and people against it on the right. Guess where she went? That’s obvious she went to the side “against”. Guess how many went with her? ZERO, AND THEN THEY MOCKED HER. She stood her ground. I have taught her (and she’s stubborn like her mom) that “right” sometimes stands alone. but you will always have God on your side.

This is their MO.
1. Shriek the loudest,
2. make fun of those against you,
3. keep up the lie till until even those who stand in exact opposite give up fighting against you.
4. Then claim your lie as a fact and say the debate is over.

Look around you at all the issues that the liberals are winning the argument on. Every single one of them can be refuted by the actuality of eternal truth. Everyone can be shown to be harmful to those who are under the policy.

Here is the sickest part-Christians and good people everywhere convince themselves that to do good is not to stand up against the tyrants. And we quietly go say our prayers and say to our friends that believe like us, “It is the last days and you know that this is what the prophecy says it will be like.”

SHAME ON YOU if you say that. What about the people that needed to hear the voice of reason and truth, that would not have gone down the path of the tares had you raised your voice and stood with the strength of your convictions and barricaded your family and friends from the lies with your courage?


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