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Progressivism: A religion Rather Than a Political Ideology

You gotta understand this in order to understand what we are up against. The following quote from the article hints at the mindset of the liberal. They are willing to go against the will of the people on an issue simply because they think personally that they know what is best for us. It is more of a religious fervor than a political ideology. That is why they do not care about the facts. Facts be dam#$@.

This is why you cannot compromise with them. They must be defeated not compromised with. The compromising with the left that has gone on through the decades is why we are in all- yep I said it-ALL the messes we are in.  Here is the quote. “We made Colorado safer from gun violence,” he said afterward, as his supporters trickled away from a hotel ballroom here in his district. “If it cost me my political  career, that’s a small price to pay.”

There is zero evidence for his claim. In fact, there is evidence in all the Democrat controlled cities of America to the contrary.  Check it out for yourself here.


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The War in America on Christianity

The Problem they’re facing, according to the article, has to do with their religious beliefs of not providing the required coverage for emergency contraception. They will be fined 1.3 million dollars a day for living their beliefs.

This has been done on purpose to Christian businesses make no mistake. The Lord will not be mocked forever on this issue of abortion. One day the hammer will fall against us because we refuse to follow his laws. It’s worse for us, because we are founded on Judea-Christian law. When the Lord comes in Judgement against us we cannot hide and say that we didn’t know.

I commend them for holding to their moral base. But how much will we take from these unGodly people? Are we supposed to “turn the other cheek” and do nothing. NO WAY! I think we should be fighting every possible way we can to rid our leaders’ ranks of the unGodly. And yes, it is our duty to judge them, and put in place those who will follow the laws of God. It is incumbent on the citizenry to do this in order to keep the republic functioning as was intended.

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Ho Much is too Much to take?

But didn’t Janet Napolitano say the borders were secure? Our leaders are letting us down. Not in a-I forgot to buy your favorite candy-way either.It’s going to happen. Terrorists are going to commit an act of terror after crossing our border and then our great politicians are gonna be on every show on Sunday morning pointing fingers at the other guy. Obama can take a hundred million dollar trip $100,000,000. That’s the wages of a person making 50,000 a year for 2000 years. THAT IS TOTALLY OBSCENE!!! If that’s not the proverbial, “Let them eat cake,” I don’t know what the HE$% is. How much fence would that one trip have bought?

The federal governments main job is to protect us from, “enemies foreign and domestic”. We aren’t even protecting our southern border, but we can go jump in the middle of a civil war between to Muslim groups that hate us, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda. What idiots are running the show? On both ides of the aisle, I might add. John McCain. I have no words for you… GET LOST. But I digress. Sorry:(

Pitchforks and scythes folks, if that attack ever happens. Remember this. The government is supposed to be afraid of us not the other way around. You tell me. Does The Obama stay awake at night worrying about whether or not we are going to storm the Bastille, or is he out there-everyday ordering cake and fortifying the takeover of the Republic? Why do you think he is so worried about gun control? Because he is afraid of what we will do when we get fed up with his, “fundamentally remaking of America”.

How much is too much to take? Get your duck tape out and read this. iran-aggressively-recruiting-invisible-army-of-latin-american-converts-to-infiltrate-u-s-through-southern-border

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Yippe Skippee, The World has Taken the Lead

A snarky little article from the NY DAILY NEWS has a writer trying to explain the the method to the madness of obamas response to LIbya

Were it not for the knowledge of who this man is and how he feels about many things, the rest of the world taking the lead in Libya would be a Godsend; however, When you realize that Obama thinks we are arrogant, overbearing, have purposely done evil in the world like air raid villages, and thinks we need to apologize and pay for our sins, It make sense. in his view of the world, America ought to be just like one of the guys (countries).

To him, we are not exceptional, we are gluttonous pigs slopping at the trough of capitalism. The idea that the dollar is falling and may not continue as the worlds currency is good news to him and his ilk. It will help us to de-develop and take care of the environment as he would have us do.

He desires us to be a second class nation, voting present on issues like he does.

The problem, Barrack Hussein, is that, just like no one else in the world can launch 110 Tomahawk missiles at once, no one else can stand in opposition to the rising power of China, the resurgence of Russia, the onslaught of radical Islam. We cannot vote present from the sidelines and hope to maintain a somewhat stable world where the bullies are held at bay.

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