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Progressivism: A religion Rather Than a Political Ideology

You gotta understand this in order to understand what we are up against. The following quote from the article hints at the mindset of the liberal. They are willing to go against the will of the people on an issue simply because they think personally that they know what is best for us. It is more of a religious fervor than a political ideology. That is why they do not care about the facts. Facts be dam#$@.

This is why you cannot compromise with them. They must be defeated not compromised with. The compromising with the left that has gone on through the decades is why we are in all- yep I said it-ALL the messes we are in.  Here is the quote. “We made Colorado safer from gun violence,” he said afterward, as his supporters trickled away from a hotel ballroom here in his district. “If it cost me my political  career, that’s a small price to pay.”

There is zero evidence for his claim. In fact, there is evidence in all the Democrat controlled cities of America to the contrary.  Check it out for yourself here.


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The War in America on Christianity

The Problem they’re facing, according to the article, has to do with their religious beliefs of not providing the required coverage for emergency contraception. They will be fined 1.3 million dollars a day for living their beliefs.

This has been done on purpose to Christian businesses make no mistake. The Lord will not be mocked forever on this issue of abortion. One day the hammer will fall against us because we refuse to follow his laws. It’s worse for us, because we are founded on Judea-Christian law. When the Lord comes in Judgement against us we cannot hide and say that we didn’t know.

I commend them for holding to their moral base. But how much will we take from these unGodly people? Are we supposed to “turn the other cheek” and do nothing. NO WAY! I think we should be fighting every possible way we can to rid our leaders’ ranks of the unGodly. And yes, it is our duty to judge them, and put in place those who will follow the laws of God. It is incumbent on the citizenry to do this in order to keep the republic functioning as was intended.

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It’s Time for The United America’s Socialist Rupublic

Now that we have experienced the hope and change of Obama for three years now, isn’t it clear to you folks out there who are trying to decide who should run against Obama that the changes instituted have made our nation so much better?  it’s more clear than ever that we must jump on the progressive bandwagon and follow it to its ultimate end, the inclusion of the United states of America in the coalition of the American continent.

Life is so much better there in nations that have embraced the idea of “spreading the wealth”. Everyone has healthcare; education is free; everyone is really equal,  not like here where the gap between the rich and poor is growing ever wider…

Flanked by our allies Fidel Castro and Mr. Chavez We can create, in this pathetic excuse for a country, an idyllic life just like they enjoy in Cuba and Venezuela. Brothers and sisters unite in this cause behind Chavez, Castro, Reed, Schumer, Kennedy, Pelosi,  and all other political leaders that understand  the depravity of this crumbling United States of America. Viva la 1%, seig heil,

Don’t you relish the picture that alliance paints-The United America’s Socialist Republic? I think it will look good on our Olympic uniforms,  UASR.

I challenge you to spend an hour perusing the political articles of the media outlets. You will find masses of people that would agree with the above thoughts. This is what we are fighting; If we don’t come out in droves higher than any time in the history of our nation. We may possibly wake up to the reality that we can no longer bring back the constitution based democratic republic that we have enjoyed. We will have lost what was given us via the founding fathers by the Man upstairs.

For decades the left/progressives/liberals/socialists/Marxists/communists etc (the collectivism cult), have been chipping away at our foundation. They are successfully implementing what, by the Marxists, is called “The Marxist Praxis.” Other groups have their plans as well, like the communist’s plan read into the record in the House of Representatives in 1963. We are well into their plan’s implementation.

Conspiracy theory? If you are blind, deaf, stupid, or listen to/believe the rhetoric of the media and our socialistic politicians, I guess you may have missed their plans. Please don’t ignore them anymore. Join with me and become part of the millions needed to educate Americans on this threat to the sovereignty of “We The People”

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The Unintended Consequences of Entitlements

“Who do we want to be?,’’ Mrs. Obama asked. “Will we be a country where success is limited to a few at the top? This country is strongest when we are all better off.”
Let’s talk about this idea. Who is going to answer in the negative about this statement right? I mean, really, Only a person that hates his fellow man would say that they didn’t want all the people to benefit from society. right? Let’s go past where the progressives can focus. And see if they really have the best interest of the masses in mind as they claim. Now I’m not saying that they don’t deeply care about their fellow man. I just wanna see whether or not  their concern is amiss in its focus.

They will say that those who are downtrodden can’t pick themselves up on their own, that we must reach down and lift them from their suffering to our level by our concern, our compassion, yea verily, our charity. Can I get an amen up in heuh?
Now where was I? Oh yea, My contention is that it is not the hand up that they need. What they need is a system that allows them to , by their own effort, trials, failures, and successes rise from the proverbial mire to stand on the road to success, and , by virtue of their new found self image, do whatever is necessary to go forward and be all they can be.

It is not that I don’t want to help everybody in the world; it is that I recognize  an eternal truth. Man’s/woman’s character will grow as is necessary to achieve success in life as they make the personal effort to fight through the vicissitudes of life. It cannot spontaneously appear by receiving doles from the whole. Life is more than the car in the drive the shoes on your feet. It is the strength of the character developed in the recesses of the soul.

Therein lies the weakness of the progressive ideology. To receive without having done anything to warrant the reception of goods and services destroys self image, destroys motivation, and destroys character.  Individuals without the characteristics necessary for success are the result of the social safety net progressives have given as their legacy to the United States of America.

I fear lest this ideology becomes the majority. If it continues U.S. citizens will not have what it takes anymore. Neither will we able to lead the world nor take care of itself. You and I must stand for this truth and fight on every hand the progression of the ideology of slavery. Yes, I said slavery. For slavery to the government is the result of the handouts given without any effort to be worthy of it by one’s work.

You know the story of wild animals after having become accustomed to the free food given them , were not able to fend for themselves when the human masters disappeared. Such is the fate when the money of the rich runs out.

It, therefore, is good to struggle, to suffer, to fail, to not win a prize. If we do not we become helpless and hapless. We as a nation should be standing by encouraging with our voices, our compassion, our pats on the back to those who are struggling to achieve the dreams they have conjured in their minds. Only then will we stand arm in arm and declare, “Free at last; Free at last.”  Great God in Heaven we are free at last.


”love thy neighbor as thyself.”


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Progressives Think What?

While searching for some info on the Forgotten Man written originally by William Graham Sumner in an essay in 1893, I believe, I came across this commentary by a blogger named “lithobolos”. He put forward what I believe is the misunderstanding that separates the progressive from reality. I’d like to take a moment to address this fallacy in the thinking of the left.

Here is the article:

Here is the excerpt I want to address.

  • “Someone of the same mold as Glenn Beck would surely claim that in the place of government, “Faith, Hope, and Charity” would take care of the rest. This point of view may work in an imaginary original condition where everyone has equal access to resources, but it doesn’t make much sense in today’s modern context of globalism and market capitalism.
  • Nevertheless, this view is still popular, and sadly, it may even be experiencing an uptick in recent months. The simple truth is that this view is an apathetic and non-compassionate point of view that has its root in the idea that bad things happen to those who deserve it. From that root sentiment comes the egotistical ideas that “I never will and never have needed help” and that “to help someone justifies the vice that put them there.”

The Wisdom of Man is not the Wisdom of God
If an individual does not feel compassion for his fellow man enough to help them in their time of need, then that individual is without charity, the gift of God given to those who desire to do the work of God on earth. This is our purpose in life.

Progressives don’t understand that it is our opportunity in life to come here to earth and see if we will do all the things that Heavenly Father wants us to do. All the opportunities that we come upon to help those around us, are just that-opportunities given by the man upstairs to see if we will respond to his spiritual promptings to be of aid to our neighbors. And if we do respond positively, then we become more like our Lord. If we do not, then we are fail the test of life.

All the collectivist ideologies are based on the idea that man cannot, will not, of his own account, aid in the succor of his fellow man. I don’t believe that. I believe we can, to the extent that our lives are being lived in order to please God. Sadly many on earth do not have that mindset.  So what is my problem with the collectivist philosophy of equality of resources for all? It is the wisdom of man.

Granted, it is a noble venture to try and ease the suffering of your fellow man and many progressives have made it their lifelong pursuit. Do I want them to quit their philanthropic work? No!!! But-in their zeal they have forgotten that the world was laid out as a place of tutoring to see if we could make good choices. Through those correct choices, we become better sons and daughters of Heavenly Father. Our progress is thwarted for many if governments take away our opportunity to choose to be charitable by forcing the world to be charitable. I hate to tell you but the plan of the collectivist is the plan of Satan. Now don’t go jump on the post hoc train to nowhere and close your mind to the possibility that this info may be of value to you. I am not saying that progressives are like Satan; However, the tenets of his plan are similar to those of the progressives.

Satan’s plan was to come to earth and make sure all of us did what we were supposed to do. With his management, we all would return to God. Christ’s plan was that we would come and make choices and grow through the choices and some would not return because of their choices. God knew that Christ’s plan would work and that Satan’s would not work; Satan’s plan would not allow for our growth and progress. Thus Christ’s plan was chosen and here we are.

The Red Herring
The article also has this excerpt:
“They believe that this selection is normal and justified and to do anything that would help the unfit in turn hurts the fit and prevents the advancement of society”.
That is not what the right, the conservatives, the Christians believe. That is the distraction. If they can paint the conservatives as hate-mongers who care not for their neighbors, they have won the battle. They cannot subvert the reality that we are to take care of our neighbors by simply asking us if we want to join them in their crusade. They have to get the majority to buy into  the idea that forcing all of us to help everyone is right because we won’t help if not forced.

Thus this idea that The rich are just worried about themselves and conservatives hate the poor is the distraction. The poor sadly eat it up. They want to point to some outside force to blame. When really there is no one to blame. This is life and this is what you have been dealt by a God who thinks that this place on the timeline of the world is where you ought to be to best enable you-to make the decisions necessary-to build the character needed-to be worthy to stand in front of the Creator and hear him say, Well done thou good and faithful servant, Thou hast been faithful over a few things, now I will make thee ruler over many( that’s a paraphrase).

The Higher Law is This:
Some will suffer at the hands of their neighbors lack of charity.
Those who turn a blind eye to his neighbor will suffer the consequences of the eternal penalty for missing a chance to help.
The sufferer who is not helped will-when and if they have the chance-more than likely-help his neighbor because he empathizes with his neighbors plight.
Why do you think we have a veil that covers the presence of God from us? We cannot have an overseer monitoring our daily giving, or we might not give from the heart and therefore would, “have our reward”, as the Bible says. Therefore the founding fathers wisely put in the founding documents that government should “promote the general welfare”, not insure the general welfare.
So, when you hear the well meaning providing the solution to a problem by enforcing law on the populace, you can bet that they are not following the eternal truth of Moral agency-the right to choose our path and reap the benefits or the consequences-whatever eternal justice demands. They must be defeated at the ballot box by the Forgotten Man described by Sumner written so long ago in his currently pertinent essay of truth.

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