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It’s Time for The United America’s Socialist Rupublic

Now that we have experienced the hope and change of Obama for three years now, isn’t it clear to you folks out there who are trying to decide who should run against Obama that the changes instituted have made our nation so much better?  it’s more clear than ever that we must jump on the progressive bandwagon and follow it to its ultimate end, the inclusion of the United states of America in the coalition of the American continent.

Life is so much better there in nations that have embraced the idea of “spreading the wealth”. Everyone has healthcare; education is free; everyone is really equal,  not like here where the gap between the rich and poor is growing ever wider…

Flanked by our allies Fidel Castro and Mr. Chavez We can create, in this pathetic excuse for a country, an idyllic life just like they enjoy in Cuba and Venezuela. Brothers and sisters unite in this cause behind Chavez, Castro, Reed, Schumer, Kennedy, Pelosi,  and all other political leaders that understand  the depravity of this crumbling United States of America. Viva la 1%, seig heil,

Don’t you relish the picture that alliance paints-The United America’s Socialist Republic? I think it will look good on our Olympic uniforms,  UASR.

I challenge you to spend an hour perusing the political articles of the media outlets. You will find masses of people that would agree with the above thoughts. This is what we are fighting; If we don’t come out in droves higher than any time in the history of our nation. We may possibly wake up to the reality that we can no longer bring back the constitution based democratic republic that we have enjoyed. We will have lost what was given us via the founding fathers by the Man upstairs.

For decades the left/progressives/liberals/socialists/Marxists/communists etc (the collectivism cult), have been chipping away at our foundation. They are successfully implementing what, by the Marxists, is called “The Marxist Praxis.” Other groups have their plans as well, like the communist’s plan read into the record in the House of Representatives in 1963. We are well into their plan’s implementation.

Conspiracy theory? If you are blind, deaf, stupid, or listen to/believe the rhetoric of the media and our socialistic politicians, I guess you may have missed their plans. Please don’t ignore them anymore. Join with me and become part of the millions needed to educate Americans on this threat to the sovereignty of “We The People”


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King vs CAIR: A Lesson in Unabashed Propaganda

This Washington Post article gives us a glimpse into the methodology of the propagandist as he sets aside his objectivity to insert his own bias.

Glenn, tryin to pull a fast one are you? 

This is a great example of Red Herring fallacy. Mr Close does not single out that the CAIR organization was actually named a conspirator but only that the government should not have told everybody. How stupid is that. They are sympathetic to, and by virtue of their sympathy for, co-conspirators they may be lumped into those who we ought to watch out for. duh?
He also says that only a measly 1% of Muslim Americans think it’s okay to bomb people. Does anybody have an idea of how many that is? hmmm anybody? 5 or ten maybe?

Well, let’s take the short end of the estimates-1.8-7 million. If my calculations on my little calculator are correct, that’s only 18000 Muslims in America that think it’s reasonable to bomb people to get their way. Shoot, that’s only bout 360 people in each state. That ain’t bad. Is it?

By using the number 1% and not clarifying what that number actually means, it puts in the readers mind that there is a miniscule possibility that anyone believes in the methods of radical Islam in the nation.

Let’s put it into perspective. In my state with 100 counties, in my county alone, there is a statistical possibility that between 3 and 4 Muslims think it’s ok to use the methods of the 911 terrorists.

Does that help you understand the warped logic of those whining about what king was doing in his hearings. Makes the whiners look kind of stupid doesn’t it?

You see, this is the methodology of the left: to minimize the danger, to lull you into passivity, so that they can do what they want, because statistically, after all, it’s not “that bad”.

They did the same thing with those hunting for communists in the US back in the day. They called it a witch hunt. Now every Junior in America gets to read about and discuss how terrible it was that we were hunting for communists in the USA …and comparing those that did the investigating to witch hunters as they read the “Crucible”.

Is it any wonder why we are so careful not to open our mouths and say something against the progressives ? They are very good at making sure you keep your mouth shut and your eyes closed.

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